My Views On Religion

    All things considered if you have seen my stuff on science you might wonder why I even have this page.

   As I see it life is way to complex to always have an easy scientific answer. I scoff at the unprovable, but I am not so arrogant to think science can always know it all. I have seen many old traditional views get trashed by science, and of course it hurts. Yet still, even in this time of great scientific achievement, it is apparent that science doesn’t have all the answers. Nor does it look like they will be found any time soon.

   I don’t just "believe" everything I am told with good reason though. I don’t think the Christian Bible is a perfect sacred text, simply because I know it isn’t so. Quoting scripture just shows a lack of intelligence, not to mention capacity for critical thinking and just plain logic. I am not a scripture quoting type. It is also plainly obvious to any unbiased observer, that the worlds religions are rarely understood by its adherents. Not surprising why quoting scripture from a book has not accomplished anything useful.
   I'm not a fan of the salvation through the works of the self, manner of religions either. I can understand, that it is likely merely human nature to want someone beyond my earthly limits to provide for me though. Religion is probably nothing more than a crutch. That doesn’t mean that I am going to throw out good Christian values with the bath water though. I do think there is a benefit to doing good. I don't expect to return in another form, "to finish my eventual enlightenment". When I die I am not coming back people, say what you need to say while I am here.
   In today’s world, it is getting increasingly hard to state one is a Christian. Doesn't seem practical to call oneself a Muslim either. It seems that Christians are knee deep in people only claiming to be so. Same can be said for all the rest. Our past is saturated with atrocities enough to make Jesus wonder why he came. I'm sure Mohammed is pissed off too. You have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. The biggest trouble with religion is that people don’t always truly do what they say they believe. Religion is assumed to be “perfect” hence it doesn’t require “fixing”. Which means no error correcting machinery. That is unfortunately entirely impractical in a world that is increasingly discovering the truth of many of its long held beliefs.
   Essentially I believe in the fundamental values of the Christian way of life. I am not willing to buy into the dogma though. Which is why I will support their ideals, but I won't claim to be one. Often the reason for something being the way it is, has a deeper reason if you look for it. Unfortunately most adherents of a religion are not one bit interested in asking questions, Heaven forbid, that would be “evil”. Intolerance also seems to be an entrance requirement. Oh the misery we have committed on our own kind in the name of religion, which often preaches brotherly love. IS ANYONE LISTENING OUT THERE. God never wrote go forth and kill them if they don’t agree with you. This is not written in any other religion's sacred writings either, I know, I have looked.
   The world's religious teachings should have made the world a place of peace and security. Its bitterly ironic that all of the wars in our past have often occurred from the one thing that should have prevented them. We teach of a world in the here after. I don’t think it will be crowded in this place we call heaven. There might actually be a waiting list to get into hell though.

    So much of today's troubles seems like a loss of good clean values. That's the easy answer to give though. Its not that we have lost of system of values, it's that people have just become greedy self centered and unwilling to support them intelligently. People want more so they need more money. So mom gets a job. So mom and dad need daycare services. The kids are not being taught right from wrong, because they see that crime does pay wherever they look. Someone isn’t teaching them these rules at home but then again mom isn’t at home. We get the world we make. We can always make a different world. But people have to see the value in it first. We develop the values we are given. If you teach your children to hate they will hate. If you teach them the wrong behaviour they will grow up to plague you. There isn't anything wrong with kids today beyond the fact they are just acting like us.

   But what makes something “wrong”. One thing for certain, consensus doesn’t make a thing correct. Popular vote won’t make a wrong, right. All to often we confuse “privilege” with our notion of “rights”. Our much vaunted concept of freedom is something that is not truly free. Some things have to be safeguarded or they are lost. If you do not protect something that is valuable, it may be taken away from you.
   It's popular to defend against censorship. It's your “right” to see the man violently rape the woman in that scene in the movie you are watching. To watch in every graphic detail every bodily function. Funny but I don’t recall ever seeing anything like that in the old classics. And I don’t mind saying that I enjoy the classics a great deal more. Have our rights protected us or thrown away something that was indeed more valuable. Don't think I am a prude though. I have enjoyed highly sexual material in the past. But I just don't need it where it doesn't make sense.
   Some areas are beyond our realistic control. I don’t support efforts to control the net. Waste of time and money. We can enforce standards in the real world, but the electronic genie is out of the bottle and no one is ever going to put it back. If you can't handle the Internet, get off the Internet. Ultimately the only person responsible for parenting is the parents.