My Hobbies
I think a person without hobbies is a person without character. A hobby is also not "hanging out with friends", watching tv, going for walks, music, or reading (those are all just activities). That much said I have many hobbies. Several of my hobbies (like everything about me it seems) have little in common. Only a few are don't revolve around creating. I love to see something that I have made with my own hands. That possibly explains why sports doesn’t attract me much. Win or lose, after the game is over, you don’t have anything beyond the memory of the event.

    I have been making plastic models now for more years than I can remember. I prefer the military subjects and I am quite fussy about how I make them, and the companies I choose to buy from. My main love is tanks. I have quite an enormous collection of models that I have acquired over the years. Some are better than others. I have quite a large stash that are patiently waiting for me to build some day. Buying the kit is easier than getting time to build it, it seems.

    Not sure which came first, my love of wargames or my love of models. Today when I say I like wargames people automatically jump to the conclusion I mean games played on the computer. I do NOT mean RTS games like Command and Conquer nor FPShooters. I have seen a very rare few turn based computer designs worthy of mention. Steel Panthers is definitely worthy of the term wargame. To me, real wargames are designs like Advanced Squad Leader, The Europa series such as Fire in the East, or Advanced Third Reich, and World In Flames. These designs are all games played on a table. They are in no way user friendly to people unwilling to actually read the rules. There are no “quick start rules” as such. They brutally weed out those that only think they understand the art of war. If you actually want to play a real wargame, chances are you won't require your computer.

    Let me get it off my chest right now. If you think role-gaming is “Dungeons and Dragons” and evil, you are a fool, have a small mind, and please go away. When I think of all the atrocities committed on behalf of Jesus  Christ and Christianity just for starters, I get incredibly angry being told indulging in a “game” (that is only exists in imaginary worlds) is in some way bad. Coming from people that can casually commit the sort of crimes that mankind has had to endure for thousands of years now, I find it a bit much being lectured on my supposedly “errant” behaviour. You will not find any role-gamers burning people at the stake, nor killing them and all their women and children, nor preaching hatred and intolerance. Something that you can NOT say about most Christians, or any other religious organization really (makes me wonder how many people really are in heaven and not some place else). And just to point out, I am not an atheist, I do believe in God.
    To my fellow role-players, sorry about the rant. I am an avid fan of most mainstream designs but I champion the Alternity design currently. I like sci-fi mainly because I relate to science fairly well. I like to play in the fantasy genres equally though. I have been role gaming since the hobby existed. I am told that I run a great game. It is partly good players though.

    Well it waaaas supposed to be self employed, but in or about 93, life decided to let me deal with fybromyalgia instead (feels like arthritis to anyone that is not familiar with this condition). As such my workshop and all its really cool tools perform the function of a hobby and not a business. I like to make tables mostly, and picture frames as well. I also make other items within the reach of my shops modest capacity. I lack a jointer planner and thickness planner. So it means I end up making things more or less on the fly more than I would prefer when making things. I also utilize a lot of second hand wood (wood unfortunately isn't cheap). I get quite a lot out of a friend that works at a 5th wheel plant. He keeps my shop filled with lumber that sure doesn’t look like garbage. It's an infrequent source at best, but currently I have a supply that will take a long time to use up.