Video Entertainment
    I like two forms of video based entertainment. And comically enough, they have absolutely nothing in common. War movies, and anime.

 War Movies: 
I love to watch old war movies, stuff in black and white mostly. My collection is quite large. I donít much care for the more modern war films. They are in most cases not true war movies but merely action films. Action films generally are more interested in senseless and often inaccurate special effects. the style of acting is often not what I like to see either. I much prefer true drama in my war movies, and the older films often had real soldiers in them as well. Also in this category I guess would be documentaries. I have a very considerable collection of fine documentaries as well.

Then there is my more recent (last few years) addiction to the world of anime. Anime as a style is different from cartoons as the fans of anime see it, but well, its merely a matter of style difference only. Most anime sees it origins in Japan where the style originates from. I prefer the romantic comedy variety of anime the most. Anime comes in many forms, some being more or less martial arts dominated (not surprising considering its point of origin). It is actively marketed at all age groups. But thanks to cultural differences between Japan and North America, the common view here in North America sees it as aimed at more older audiences than may have been originally the case. It's a matter of annoyance to the more fanatical fan that "animes" are not "cartoons". Of course both are animation. But most know cartoons as mindless idiotic material that has no continuity in most cases. Cartoons also depend mostly on caricatures of humanity in the guise of comically drawn animals. Anime is much more.