Hello welcome to my Homepage

Come in browse around. I hope you like some of the things here. I have many hobbies and interests.

    What can you expect here? Well originally this site was just a tool to simplify my chatting on ICQ. But ICQ is just a part of my past now. My friends know my old number. Anyone else will just have to assume I no longer need ICQ.

    I find it much easier to direct people that are seriously interested in me, here to my web page. I really don't have any other reason for a web page currently. If you are here, you were likely directed here through one of my many chat/forum programs. If you found me at random, well I hope you find me interesting.

    What you wonít find here are pics of me (the world is far to cosmetically challenged). I have pics, but you will have to ask for them personally.

    The real me will be about all I am interested in discussing here. As you will see eventually, I am a very complex person. The various sections of my web site will probably make that obvious. Each section is only intended to highlight one of my many interests.

    I donít expect everyone to be equally excited about every one of my sub pages (you can't all be copies of me after all). Each section is in some way connected to part of who I am though. Feel free to skip over any part that is not currently of interest to you.

    I plan on focusing on the following interests: Anime, that's Japanese, and no they are not called cartoons, although it might just be semantics (I like the mainly romantic comedy variety of anime), Wargaming (generally  NOT the stuff you play on a computer though, I am talking board games here), Models (military theme plastic models that is, planes; tanks; ships), Woodworking (furniture in my case), Science (space sciences, natural sciences, and military sciences primarily), Writing (no, I donít write poetry or music though), non computer Role-gaming (currently a supporter of the Alternity RPG design), Games in general (the stuff you play with friends after dinner), Religion (yep I am religious in nature in spite of my devotion to science, but don't look for any generic organized labels), Movies ( I like the older stuff more though). All of this clearly makes me a person that enjoys a great many different things.

    About me personally.

    I read everything without bias, the without bias part is important here. I will give anything its chance to make its case before passing judgment on it (I am not afraid to slag something that's held as sacred though). On paper I officially have grade 11 in high school. Just never got my grade 10 math credit really. My actual credit sum total exceeds the required amount I needed for my diploma. But you have to have a grade 10 math credit in there somewhere. This apparent official educational limitation means really quite little to me. I will match my self-taught intellect against any university graduate anytime. I know that sounds rather boastful, I donít mind. It takes me very little time to demonstrate the inaccuracies and shortcomings of our educational system. Or that I haven't suffered from refusing to go massively in debt for a scrap of paper. A diploma is in no way any evidence of true intellect. In some cases, what is being taught is downright inaccurate or horrendously pointless. Once you master the written word and the basics of math, you are often better served by teaching yourself than relying on others to do it for you. I have encountered people that will out of hand discount my claim that a "piece of paper" is always required. Please, don't waste time trying to convince me that my "uneducated" opinions lack worth. You clearly didn't read the first part closely enough. I have already in advance, discounted your claim that it matters. Fortunately though, I am not currently living a life that requires that piece of paper as a warrantee against my being useless.

    I often ask people ďwhat defines youĒ Alas I rarely get any real response. It seems that people are mostly dull or shallow. Either that, or they are just to paranoid or secretive to genuinely wish to tell me anything genuine online. Then again, I have met plenty of people that are hopelessly false in person too.
    For me, I would say, I have a need to perform. I am driven to learn, to improve, and to accomplish.

 What turns me onÖis a well-trained mind. I actually "enjoy" being around people that make me look dumb. It's a refreshing change of pace. Good looks will never cover up for stupidity.
 What turns me offÖ. shallow wasteful people in love with ignorance (Homer is nothing to be proud of). People that cant find anything better to do than wander through life aimlessly, or indulge in harmful substances or activities, and watch their life pass by. I can overlook bad habits to some extent, but people that enjoy pursuing wasteful activities with a casual abandon are just social chaff. That, and people that are just to convinced the world has to look their way (I'm not always right, but I don't run my life based on popular opinion either). Dogma is perhaps the most wasteful of all.

    There is a great deal more, but for that you will have to wander my sub pages. If the title of the page doesnít interest you well then by all means skip it. I hope that you find something to interest you though.

 My many sites explain my interests, they wonít  sum up my personality.
    I'm fussy, I can't just put something down it has to be just so, I donít merely get dressed, the clothes have to sit just right on me. I'm a creature of order, the place might not be ďcleanĒ but it will sure be tidy. I'm incredibly opinionated. If you donít want my unvarnished opinion, donít ask me for it.
    I have an imagination that quite frankly I wish I could turn off sometimes. I'm incredibly friendly all things considered (people that survive the shock of my brutal honesty learn to appreciate it eventually). I canít relate to shy people, just donít know what it feels like to be shy. I'm bold and daring. I make snap decisions (not always right, but I donít agonize over mistakes). I believe there is only first place in life (second place is only for games). I lose well, it sucks but I get over it. I love to yell and scream when I win, so, I donít mind when others enjoy their wins. I think a person should always do what is right even if it sucks. If it's right it's right.

    I expect people to live life to the fullest; anything else is just being ungrateful for being alive. Vices yep I have them (ainít talking though). I donít smoke; smoking is an indication of limited intellect, either that or you are a sucker for peer pressure (I know that's not going to win me any points with smokers, but that's what I tell friends, so strangers will have to deal with it also). I donít really drink, but one beer in a month hardly qualifies as drinking, 24 beers on a weekend though is dumb. I swear like a drill sergeant but the army taught that to me (actually drill sergeants are not allowed to swear anymore, what is the world coming too eh). I should try to stop I suppose though. And of course CHOCOLATE RULES, so I guess you know my main weakness now.