Well not so much my serious side, more or less the things not connected with some form of entertainment really.
    I'm a strongly opinionated person. I care for opinions of others, but I am not afraid to support mine. I speak my mind and have little use for people that canít handle that fact. Everyone has the right to an opinion. If you won't support an opinion though, then it not worth letting us hear it either. I care not for who the person may be, I am more than willing to stare down a person and say they are full of it. Nobody has all the truth all of the time. The worst offender is someone armed with dogma, willing to sacrifice everything based on some other persons opinion.


    I guess it should be painfully obvious at this point that I am quite capable of writing. I have no delusions of greatness. I would like to write a great novel, and who knows maybe someday I will. I have been told that I say a lot of wise things. Nothing gives me greater joy than hearing a comment such as that. Maybe my friends are just being overly generous eh. I donít see a book of wisdom in my future as yet. I write a lot about social issues. Social issues are easy to have an opinion about though. I actively write into Maclean's magazine, Canada's weekly newsmagazine for those outside of Canada that don't know of it (but I fear my views are to extreme for the pages of their product).


     The one thing I like about science is that it is not afraid to be wrong. When it's found in error it's corrected (eventually after much wrangling of course). Its a pity though that our schools textbooks are so woefully far behind on what is considered common knowledge to our better thinkers. I fear I will spend a good deal of time with my son ensuring that they donít teach him out dated hogwash. I have only read the works of one man that has greatly touched my life. The late Carl Sagan was a man greater than the sum of his parts. If you havenít read Demon Haunted World, or Billions and Billions, you owe it to yourself. Just be warned that you may come away scarred, hurt, angry, and feeling betrayed. He offers up a lot illumination on some of our most beloved bullshit.


    I was happy be a Christian (not sure how though considering the past history of the faith known by that name). If or when Jesus does return he is going to be one unhappy individual though. I know I would be greatly upset, if my name was attributed to a group with the past record that Christianity possesses. I firmly believe in what we call Christian values. Although I have no desire to let Christianity take credit for good behaviour. I just wish the greater bulk of Christianity did so as well. I am not intolerant of opposing faiths. I'm also not about to cut them any more slack than I will Christianity. Oddly enough I often enjoy talking with pagans more than persons of "established organized religions. I would not enjoy the task of having to fill a room with Christians that would make Jesus proud (to hard to find). With all the science I have learned, I am still happy to believe in a higher power. The truth is almost certainly going to be somewhere in the middle.
    Hopefully the words of wisdom I want to include in this space will in some way have some value to those willing to read them. You canít learn all the important things in one place. Science currently doesnít have all the answers yet. I'm no supporter of mindless dogma though. So it is quite likely that my words of wisdom wonít always be well received. All I can say is, be warned, I call it like I see it. Just to be clear though, while I speak more often of Christianity, that is only because I was born one and know it more fully. I am not today though a Christian. I am not a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or adherent to any other orthodox faith. I believe there is a God, I just don't wish to claim God to be a specific shade of God. I do not attend any church on Sunday. I live my belief every second of every day of every week of every month.